Being a media composer involves finding new and creative ways to put emotions into music. Before starting each project, I like to think about tones and timbres. What sensations can come out of them. A single sound can sometimes contain all the emotions associated with a sequence or a film.


Creating a virtual instrument means making a series of radical choices that will define the final result. That's why the creation of new sounds and virtual instruments is so important to me: it develops a personal sound palette and gives access to unique atmospheres.


These sounds are offered free of charge. The instruments are built in Apple Logic Pro EXS24 format, or in the FREE DecentSampler format, useable on Windows, MacOS and iOS. You can use these samples in any project, commercial or not. The only thing you can't do is to include the samples in a commercial sound library.

If you use these samples inside one of your projects, please feel free to send me your piece of music via Soundcloud or the CONTACT page, I always appreciate to see how these instruments are used inside tracks and compositions.


And if you REALLY enjoy these freebies, you can make a small donation to support the work behind all these instruments.